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Weekly Draw Winner and Chase the Ace for the Accumulator Prize

1 Select your card for the Accumulator Prize.
2 Buy tickets for the weekly draw.
3 If you are the weekly draw winner, your card is revealed. If you have the Ace of Spades you win the Accumulator Prize too!

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Choose your card for the Accumulator Prize

Purchase your tickets to the weekly draw

The winner of the weekly draw will also have their card revealed

If the weekly winner has chosen the Ace of Spades, they win the Accumulator Prize!

If they did not select the Ace of Spades, the Accumulator Prize continues for at least another week

Check back each week to see how the Accumulator Prize has grown and enter again!

Who You Help

The True North Youth Foundation delivers enriching educational, sports-based, and character-building programming that addresses key physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Whether through the academic support of the WJHA, the adventure of outdoor education at Camp Manitou or the wellness curriculum of Project 11, the TNYF impacts more than 65,000 youth annually.

20 percent of net funds raised for the TNYF are being donated to the following local charities: The Movement Centre of Manitoba, Open Access Resource Centre, Agape Table, Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame scholarships & community awards, and Camp Quality Manitoba.

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Check Past Results

Week 11 Winner Announced

Winning Number: K-10014026

Card Drawn #8 - 8 of Diamonds

Weekly Prize: $1,699

Week 10 Winner Announced

Winning Number: J-10020090

Card Drawn #27 - 5 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $1,763

Week 9 Winner Announced

Winning Number: I-10007817

Card Drawn #49 - Queen of Hearts

Weekly Prize: $1,650

Week 8 Winner Announced

Winning Number: H-10001646

Card Drawn #37 - 4 of Diamonds

Weekly Prize: $2,472

Week 7 Winner Announced

Winning Number: G-10023686

Card Drawn #39 - 6 of Clubs

Weekly Prize: $1,817

Week 6 Winner Announced

Winning Number: F-10024579

Card Drawn #3 - 7 of Clubs

Weekly Prize: $1,837

Week 5 Winner Announced

Winning Number: E-10019062

Card Drawn #35 - 7 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $3,446

Week 4 Winner Announced

Winning Number: D-10028222

Card Drawn #16 - King of Spades

Weekly Prize: $2,965

Week 3 Winner Announced

Winning Number: C-10011831

Card Drawn #10 - 3 of Clubs

Weekly Prize: $2,840

Week 2 Winner Announced

Winning Number: B-10014025

Card Drawn #44 – 3 of Diamonds

Weekly Prize: $3,211

Week 1 Winner Announced

Winning Number: A-10052298

Card Drawn #19 – 4 of Spades

Weekly Prize: $5,107